Saturday, December 5, 2009

Save Money With Your Used Dryer Sheets!

Dryer sheets are little rectangles of wonder. Not only do they soften your clothes and remove static, they will work hard for you even after their original purpose is complete.

Don't let your hard-working dryer sheets go to an early grave, er, landfill - Repurpose them and squeeze every penny out of your investment that you can.

The first thing you must do is figure out how to save your sheets. A good method is to put an empty container, such as a tissue box, on top of your dryer and drop the used sheets in the container after each load of clothes.

When packing for a trip, stuff a used sheet into each shoe. Not only will it make your shoes and luggage smell great, you can also use the sheet to dust off and shine your shoes after your wear them.

In the winter, we get a lot of shocks from static electricity. Stuff a used sheet into your pocket during the winter and kiss the shocks goodbye.

Used dryer sheets make terrific dashboard wipes for your trusty automobile. Not only does it make the dashboard shiny, it will repel dust and dirt, too.

You probably already know this, but throwing a used dryer sheet into your dresser drawer will make it smell great.

Put a couple of used dryer sheets under the seats of your car. Your car will smell nice and fresh, and you will save tons of money that you would spend for car fresheners.

Use a sheet to wipe the dust from things that normally attract it, such as television screens, blinds and those pesky ceiling fan blades. It will help repel the dust, and who likes dust?

Pull out your used dryer sheets when packing small items such as Christmas ornaments, and wrap them in the sheets. They're nice and soft, and won't scratch or hurt your little treasures.

When you have nasty, baked-on food in your pans, used dryer sheet to the rescue! Fill the pan with hot water and a dryer sheet and leave it alone overnight. In the morning, the food will go slip-sliding away....

Recycling items is always a good thing, and re-using these little dryer sheets will save you some bucks as well as help the environment.

How do you save money and help the environment? Please comment and let us know!

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  1. Holy cow! That's a lot of ways to reuse a dryer sheet! lol. Very creative and savvy! :)