Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Promote Your Fellow Church Members' Health

Your church is a bully pulpit in more ways than one. We are facing a serious health crisis in our country, and churches have a wonderful opportunity to step forward and lend a hand.

The first step is to talk about it. A small committee of interested people is always good to get things done. The following are some ideas for them to consider...Encourage and talk about exercise:Start an after-church walking club. Start an after-church aerobics class, using a popular aerobics video. Check with your local fitness club to see if they would offer reduced membership fees for church members.

Encourage and talk about healthy eating: Have a once-a-month farmer’s market after church, inviting local farmers as well as church member gardeners to fill tables with healthy produce for sale.Start a church garden on church property, and sign up members to work in the garden in exchange for future bounty. If your church has a website, post a healthy living tip of the week.

Encourage and talk about weight loss: Have a horseshoes tournament after church.Allow members to post their weight goals and progress on the church bulletin board (but don’t pressure them to do it).

Start a stop smoking support group at your church.

Start slowly and add activities as you go along. Hopefully the pastor will frequently mention healthy living in his/her messages and will open up the dialogue. Creating and working a healthy living plan for your church could be fun and might open up a whole new world.

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