Monday, December 12, 2011

The Monday Recipe Blog

Hello...Hope your Monday is nice and warm.  How about a recipe?

This blog features Lois Elaine Mueller's recipes every Monday.   Lois' heyday was in the 1950's and 1960's, and her children swear she was the best cook that ever lived. Many baby boomers will remember these mouth-watering recipes, and these dishes are just as tasty today as they were in the sixties.

Here's a blast from the past - Divinity candy!  Lots of moms made this candy every Christmas in the 1960's, including Lois Elaine.  Like most candies, it's not the easiest to make, but the payoff is heavenly!

Lois Elaine's Divinity:

1/2 c. corn syrup
1/2 c. water
2 c. sugar
3 egg whites
1 t. vanilla
1 c. chopped nuts (optional)

Place sugar, water and corn syrup in saucepan and bring to a boil.  Continue to boil until candy test forms a hard ball when dropped in cold water. Candy thermometer should register 240 degrees.

Beat egg whites until stiff.

Pour hot candy mixture into egg whites, beating constantly.  As candy begins to thicken add vanilla and nuts.  Continue to beat with nylon spoon until candy loses its gloss and is thick and stands in peaks.

Drop by teaspoonfuls on waxed paper.

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