Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Money and Politics

Is anyone out there sick of politics already?  We have a big election coming up in November, and it seems that these people have been campaigning since 2008.  Something that has been worrying me of late is money.  Money and politics, to be specific.

It has always been more difficult for a poor person to rise to the office of the presidency, but there was always a possibility.  Now there is none.  Unless a person is wealthy or can be bought by an ambitious billionaire who thirsts for power, there is no presidency in his or her future.  Abraham Lincoln would have stood no chance in today's world, and that's really, really sad.  We are getting candidates who are so removed from everyday life and everyday people that our needs are swept aside and we are left with laws that are wonderful for people who make over a million dollars a year.

To lead the masses away from the current state of our taxes (who pays them and who receives huge breaks), the current candidates have been successful in throwing in the bone of social issues, which has been leaped upon and now dominates the political discourse.  Too bad.

My hope is that America wakes up over the next few months and that the people make it clear that the elected officials work for them.  Social issues are easy to understand and emotional, but will do nothing to help our economy or bring back our jobs from overseas.  They will distract us and allow politicians to continue doing what they are doing.  Let's get the country back on track, bring jobs in, and lower taxes for the working people (not the rich).  And, since our new House and Senate has never had a lower satisfaction rating from the people they serve, maybe we should look at who we elected in the last elections for lessons we can learn.

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