Saturday, July 18, 2009

Is Michigan Great Or What????

Northern Michigan is another one of my homes. I don't live there full-time, but I spend a few weeks in Cadillac every year. It's just a great, great place to go and relax. My friend has family there, and I consider them my family as well. They always welcome us with open arms, and we have the best time there! It's true that winters are rough, and I wouldn't wish a northern Michigan winter on anyone, but if you go around September or October the colors are usually terrific, the air is fresh and crisp and the apples are ready to eat.

Cadillac has two nice lakes - Lake Mitchell and Lake Cadillac - separated by a canal, so lots of people there have boats and live on "the lake". In the winter, Cadillac is known as a snow-mobile haven.

When I was in Michigan last year, I was shocked to see the effects of the economy on that state. We are much more fortunate in Oklahoma, having not seen the losses and economic problems that some other states have, and this was really driven home to me on my Michigan visit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the President's plan for the auto industry and the economy in general will work and that Michigan, California and the other troubled states will be back on their feet in no time. I have loads of respect for Obama and what he is trying to do - We have a guy up there that is not afraid to take action - it might be wrong, but it's a risk worth taking to try and get our country out of its dire situation. I've put 110,000 miles on my trusty GMC, and I will definitely be buying GM again when I replace it. I don't consider it a sacrifice, GM cars have been strong and sturdy for me thoughout the years - I really, really like General Motors products.

Another thing that is great about Michigan - Black Cherries. Maybe some other states produce good ones, too, but I can't imagine better-tasting fresh black cherries than the ones that come from Michigan. Short season, though, you have to get them in July or you might be out of luck. Google michigan black cherries - lots of places will mail them to you in a cold container. That's how I get mine.

Michigan has an area that isn't really attached and should probably belong to Wisconsin. They call it the Upper Peninsula (U.P.). The U.P is a totally different world, but in a good way. My experience is that it's pretty rough and tumble, with some real characters living up there. The weather is brutal and life isn't easy, but it's really nice and beautiful. Lots of waterfalls, woods, wildlife, etc. If you go, there is a Shipwreck Museum right on Lake Superior, and it's a pretty cool place. The Edmund Fitzgerald went down near there, and it's on an area of Lake Superior that's particularly dangerous for ships (not that that's a good thing, but it's pretty appropriate for a Shipwreck Museum).

If you have a vacation coming up and are wondering where to go, try northern Michigan. You will have a great time, might see a bear and will definitely catch a fish if you try. Spend some money there and help them out a little - I'm sure they'll appreciate it!

What do you love about Michigan? Feel free to post!

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