Saturday, December 12, 2009

How To Make A Sick Dog Eat Food

When your dog is sick, she may not feel like eating. This is normally ok, since getting food into her system immediately is not as important as ensuring that she is hydrated with fluids.

However, even when your pup is well on her way to recovery, she may not get her appetite back quickly. She will lose considerable weight and strength, and it's important that she regain her appetite as soon as possible.

When a dog has been ill for awhile, getting her to eat dog food normally may not be easy. However, there are some tricks that will get her back on the chow wagon quickly...

Dogs, like people, have their favorite things to munch. However, some of them, like commercial processed dog treats, may not be the best thing for your recovering bowser.

There are some healthy food items, though, that just about every dog considers irresistible. Offer these things to her until you find the one that she is interested in.

The food should be VERY soft. Nothing crunchy or hard to digest at first.  Don't make her walk to her dog dish. Offer these treats on a spoon, putting them right to her nose.

Baby Food....Make a run to the store and choose some small jars of baby food that you think your dog will enjoy. Generally a couple of meats and two or three different vegetables will get her interest.Put a small amount of each on the tip of the spoon and offer it to her. Hopefully she will begin licking the food off the spoon.

If the baby food doesn't do it, pull out the old reliable - smooth peanut butter. I have never seen a recovering dog turn up its nose at peanut butter. Also, since a recovering dog will usually prefer to lick soft food from a spoon, the texture of soft, smooth peanut butter will work nicely.

You can also try a small piece of sliced American cheese. Your pooch is less likely to be interested in the beginning, but it is a good transition from soft, lickable treats to her regular food. Don't overdo the cheese, though, just use a small piece as a transition.

Keep your dog's regular food in her dish throughout this process. You will see her becoming more interested in her food bowl, and can start withdrawing the soft treats when she begins eating her regular food.

If you try all of these steps and your recovering poochie still won't eat, it's time for a trip to the vet!

What are your tips for getting a recovering dog to regain her appetite? Please comment and let us know!


  1. My new and rescued terrier mix, is unwell, Vet visits prompt and regular and quick ! Peanut butter he certainly licked off my finger tip and some in a tiny dich. Small bits of sliced cheese worked. One or two small pieces of bone-shaped doggie vitamins, some small amount of High Cal. puppy food from the vets. Puppy was neutered only a few days before rescue from foster and prior pound..and only a dearest pup. Be prompt getting puppy to a vet and this helps get at early the whatevers. Love your animals all and all their Lives. Harm none. Bear in mind the two kinds of suffering. 1, the kind you run from that will always follow you. 2, The kind you look directly at, which frees you. Namo Amidha Buddha.

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