Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Make A Wound Disappear Quickly!

We all get them, a cut of some kind that requires home treatment, but is not serious enough for professional medical care. There are a few simple steps that, if taken, can ensure that your wound will heal quickly with no infection….

Stop the bleeding. Normally bleeding will stop on its own, after coagulating at the source of the wound. If you cannot stop the bleeding or the bleeding is profuse, seek professional medical care as soon as possible. Stop the bleeding by applying gentle but firm pressure to the wound. You can also run cool water over the wound. If that doesn’t work, try applying pressure to the closest pressure point on the body. Inside the thigh and inside the upper arm are two good pressure points.

Cleanse the wound. This is the most important step in wound treatment. If the wound is left with dirt particles in it, an infection may develop quickly. If you cleanse the wound with an antiseptic, you will remove the dirt and kill the germs with one step. If you only have plain soap and water, use that. Hydrogen Peroxide (3%, not the kind that bleaches hair!) is an excellent cleanser, as it foams up and gets deep into the wound. A baking soda solution draws fluid and swelling out of the wound while it cleanses.

Scrub out any dirt particles that you can see. This might be a bit painful, but it’s critical. Scrub vigorously, if necessary. Continue cleaning until you can see no more dirt in the wound. If you cannot get the dirt out of the wound, seek medical advice – don’t just bandage it up with the dirt still in it.

Bandage the wound. If the wound is properly cleaned, using an antibiotic cream is probably not necessary. Use an adhesive bandage of the correct size for the wound, or dress the wound with a larger bandage, if necessary.

Soak the wound twice a day. Use a solution of baking soda – 1 tablespoon dissolved in a cup of warm water. Soak a cloth with the solution and place it on the wound for 10 minutes, twice a day.

Give the wound some air. It’s important that the wound receive fresh air several times a day, for as long as possible. This will speed the healing process.

If you will follow these steps, your wound will be history before you know it!

**Photo by Simon Howden


  1. thank you so much, vet saw my dog yesterday and prescribed anti biotics then today I find an infected wound under long fur, wont go into details but grim and made me cry...Easter Sunday in the hills no vet so vodka to sterilise plus your advice above and I think my dog will be ok til Tuesday when the vet will be back. Dont know if you'll see this comment but thank you internet and whoever uploaded this xxx