Monday, June 7, 2010

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Hello, what a great Monday it is….
Still following the grilling theme, today we will learn how to grill peaches….yes, peaches!

Grilled fruit is delicious, and peaches come into season in Oklahoma around late June and July. Visit Stratford or Porter around this time, and you will get some of the best peaches in the world. Buy a bunch of them, pull out your freezer bags and canning jars, and do some grilling!

You don’t live in Oklahoma? Well, we don’t have a patent on great peaches – peaches are available pretty much everywhere during the summer.

So, here we go – grilled peaches!

Grilled Peaches:

Use 4 freestone peaches, they are easier, and get large ones. Cut them in half lengthwise and remove and discard the pits.

Take ¼ cup of light brown sugar or Splenda brown sugar mix, and fill each peach half with some of the brown sugar.

Grill the peaches, cut sides up, over direct medium heat. Close the lid and grill the peaches until the sugar is melted and the peaches are nice and soft. This will be about 8 or 10 minutes.

Be careful removing the peaches from the grill, as they will be soft. Pour off the melted sugar into a bowl, pull off the charred skins and cut the peaches into bite-sized pieces. Put the pieces into the bowl with the melted sugar and toss to coat.

Serve with whipped cream, or split some biscuits and spoon over the biscuit halves, then top with whipped cream to make a peach shortcake. Yum!

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