Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Home Remedies For What Ails You

Hello, and I'm back with some more alternatives to the usual solutions....Please see my post last week for the first five remedies.

6.  Kitty ear mites - Reach for the corn oil in your kitchen cupboard.  Put a few drops in the cat's ear, massage it in and then clean with a cotton ball.  Do this daily for about 3 days.  The oil smothers the ear mites.  It also soothes the skin inside the ear and promotes healing.

7.  Boil - Tomato paste makes a great compress.  Cover the boil with the paste.  The tomato acid brings the boil to a head.

8.  Glasses - Protect your glasses with clear nail polish.  If you put a drop of clear polish on the earpiece screw threads, then tighten them up, the screws will stay put and not loosen.

9.  Burn - White mint toothpaste is a terrific salve to apply on a minor burn.

10. Bruise - A cotton ball soaked in white vinegar and applied to the bruise for about an hour speeds healing and reduces the color in the bruise.

I'll be back before long with some more remedies....


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