Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Try These Home Remedies

Over the past couple of weeks I have posted ten alternative remedies to use when you don't have the "right" solution at home.  Here are five more....

11.  Dog Fleas - Dawn Dishwasher Detergent comes to the rescue here.  Just add a few drops to Fido's bath and wash him thoroughly.  Rinse well and say goodbye to the fleas.

12.  Headache - Drink two glasses of Gatorade or similar sports drink - I'll bet your pain goes away in an instant.

13.  Toenail Fungus - Soak your toes in Listerine every night until the fungus is completely gone.  It's that simple!

14.  Wasps - If you have a wasp, yellow jacket, bee or hornet in your house, reach for the 409 cleaning solution.  Spray it right on the bug and he'll meet his demise very quickly.

15.  Sore Throat - Mix up this solution and take a tablespoon about six times a day:  1/4 c. honey and 1/4 c. vinegar.  The honey soothes and the vinegar kills the bacteria.  They are a potent team!

I'll be back with more home remedies in a week or so.

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