Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Can We Be A Little Nicer To Each Other? (Part 2)

About a year ago I posted a plea for people to please wake up and discover kindness again.  The "Town Hall Meetings", a/k/a screamfests, had bothered me to the point of wondering what the heck has happened to our society?  When did it become ok to remove all filters and yell whatever is on your mind, regardless of who is hurt?

Things since then have gotten, not better, but much worse.  We have a kid being driven to suicide by his college roommate who placed a secret camera in their room to record and post the kid's amorous adventures on Facebook.  The November elections have brought forth the worst in us and in the candidates.  Some candidates appealed to our ignorance and deep-seated hatreds and prejudices and, guess what, were rewarded by our votes.  Are we who they think we are?  Maybe so. 

Unhappy people walk around with a chip on their shoulder and clinched fists, looking for a fight.  There are many, many unhappy people in our country right now, evidently.  And I'm talking about people with good jobs and nice futures - they've have found a way to twist themselves into a ball of rage.  People seem perfectly fine with going nose to nose with the store clerk who makes a mistake or the candidate with whom they disagree or with a co-worker that unintentionally creates a problem.  The spate of recent suicides by bullied young gays is sad beyond belief.  Who gives a person the right to bully someone to death?  And what darkness within a person would give them pleasure to cause pain to an innocent person?

What about the extreme racist and ignorant behavior at the Tea Party rallies?  Where is that coming from, and when did it suddenly become funny?  Posters of our president - OUR president - with bones in his nose and holding a spear - If this is a glimpse of the society of the future, I feel sad for all of us.

What's happening in our country today is disturbing.  I hope there is a change coming very soon.  We're smarter and better than this....

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