Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do You Know How To Iron Slacks?

Hello, and happy December! 

A lot of us own an iron, but do we really know how to use it?  Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way to iron items, but unless we are June Cleaver, we may not know it.  Here are a few helpful hints about ironing a pair of slacks that you may or may not know....

How to iron slacks:

Iron the pockets first, then the waistband, then the seat.  Next iron the front down to the crotchline.  Then lay both legs out, overlapping, with the inseams aligned and the legs smooth, straight and matching.  Pull the top leg back and iron the inseam side of the bottom leg, moving from the seam out and straightening as you go along.  This should create a perfect, sharp crease down the front and back of the leg.  Flip the pants over and do the same with the second leg.  Now bring the inseams together and iron the upper side-seam side of each leg.  Hang them up immediately, and never over the back of a chair unless you want some new creases.

Now you know how to iron pants!

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