Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Have You Seen Enough Of Charlie Sheen?

Hello and happy Wednesday, everyone.

Yes, everyone likes to look at disasters.  Not the terrible, fatal disaster, but the human train wreck type of disaster.  The Charlie Sheen type of disaster.  Now we have this guy touring the country, sitting on a stool and ruminating about drugs, women and hard living, which he calls WINNING! 

I can't figure this one out.  Everything in me believes that Charlie Sheen is messed up - really messed up, but doesn't he seem like the happiest guy in the world? Has he found the secret to eternal happiness and joy?

But no one can get around the fact that Sheen gains much of his joy from doing things that are decidedly illegal.  You and I would lose our jobs if we did that sort of thing and happily admitted it to the press, and so I'm not about to defend the network's action against Sheen.  In fact, I will be most unhappy if he gets his job back....

Joyous, messed up, mentally ill or not, it's time that Charlie Sheen fold up his road show and spend a few years out of the public eye.  I think we've seen enough of this train wreck....

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