Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Disc Golf, Anyone?

Went out for another round of disc golf last weekend.  Had a nice outing, a long, healthy walk in the fresh air, and a really good time.  If you haven't considered this fun game, you really should.  Almost every town has at least one disc golf course, usually maintained by the city or by disc golf enthusiasts, and usually on city-owned property.  Most disc golf courses that I have played are in city parks. 

A disc golf course is usually 18 holes, just like a regular golf course, with a tee box and a basket instead of of hole in the ground on the green.  The point of the game is the same as in regular golf - Put your disc in the basket in the fewest number of throws. 

The best part of disc golf is that it's usually free.  Purchase a couple of discs (driver and putter) and you're good to go.  Although they look like the old frisbees, they are different, and you should really have disc golf discs rather than toy frisbees purchased at the discount store.  Discs are generally around $10.00 or so, and I've found that the Internet and places like Academy Sports have good selections.

Speaking of the Internet, there is a wealth of information out there about disc golf, including sites that list the disc golf courses in the U.S.  Just Google it.

I also play regular golf, and while I enjoy it, I've found that it tends to be much more stressful and a lot more expensive than disc golf.  Also, because golf clubs are heavy, I use a golf cart on the course, but always walk the disc golf course, making disc golf a lot healthier.

You can play disc golf even if you have never thrown a frisbee.  It's not hard, and there aren't a lot of nuances involved with flinging a disc (unless you are a pro). 

Disc golf is something you can play by yourself, with another person or an entire group.  And it sure beats walking around the block for exercise!

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