Monday, May 2, 2011

The Monday Recipe Blog

Happy May, everyone!  Here's a recipe for you to try....

This blog features Lois Elaine Mueller's recipes every Monday. Lois' heyday was in the 1950's and 1960's, and her children swear she was the best cook that ever lived. Many baby boomers will remember these mouth-watering recipes, and these dishes are just as tasty today as they were in the sixties.

Our recipe today is for Creamy Chocolate Frosting.  When Lois Elaine was making her great cakes, there was no frosting in a can.  She made her own, and collected quite a few frosting recipes.  If you ever make your own frosting rather than reaching for a can, you will know why cakes in the '50's and '60's were so much better than today....(and this recipe has NO harmful preservatives!)

Lois Elaine's Creamy Chocolate Frosting:
Combine in bowl and beat until creamy:
1 3-oz pkg cream cheese
2 T. milk

Add and beat until smooth:
2 envelopes Nestle's Choco-Bake (substitute chocolate powder here, I don't think Choco-Bake is made anymore), 1/2 t. vanilla, 1/2 t. salt.

Blend in gradually:
2 c. sifted powdered (confectioners') sugar

Fold in 1 c. heavy cream, whipped.

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