Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's HOT here in Oklahoma!!

Wow, this has been the hottest July I can remember.  It's like a blast furnace anytime you walk outside, with no end in sight.  Thank goodness for air conditioning - It's really too hot to do anything on the weekends except sit on the couch.

For those few who still claim that global climate change is a hoax, even after the extreme weather/earth events of the past few years, I can only say that I respectfully disagree.

I hear that this heat is encompassing the entire United States, even the "up north" states, where homes with air conditioning are not as prevalant.  We have the dog days of August to look forward to, and please, everyone, take heat precautions.

Wear light, loose clothing whenever possible, less is better.  Use sunscreen and never get far away from an air conditioned, cool area.  This is not the time for a 2 hour hike, away from civilization!  Sweating is good in extreme heat, not sweating is a sign that something is wrong and that you need to get cool very quickly.

Save the stenuous, outdoor activities for autumn and, in Oklahoma, even winter. 

A great way to cool off quickly when you come from outside is to wash your face, arms and legs with a washcloth soaked in cold water.

Stay safe, stay cool and remember that the heat will eventually end.

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