Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Clear Liquid Diet For Treating Nausea

Well, it's flu season and time for another tip.

When you have a round of vomiting, the last thing you want to think about is eating.

However, when your nausea is due to a serious illness such as flu, it is extremely important to continue eating and keep your body as strong as possible.

Your body will accept some foods much easier than others when your stomach is upset.

This post sets out the Clear Liquid Diet, designed to gradually re-introduce your body to food while battling a bout of nausea.

First, take fluids. It is very important to keep dehydration from setting in, and you will do this by sipping water slowly.

Even better than plain water is an Oral Rehydration Solution, which you can easily make by mixing 3 tablespoons white sugar with 1 teaspoon salt, and adding that to 1 liter of water.

As soon as vomiting sets in and you are sipping your Oral Rehydration Solution, begin the Clear Liquid Diet to re-introduce food to your stomach. You may not feel like eating, but this diet is designed to help your stomach accept food, step by step.

Take a step at a time, and go slowly and carefully. When you can tolerate one step, move up a step for the next meal. If you have a setback, drop down one step. The 5 steps are as follows:

Step One: Oral Rehydration Solution and any of the following:
Popsicles, ginger ale, tea, bouillon, water, Jello-O, fruit juice.

Step Two: To Step One, add any of the following: Saltine crackers, white rice, plain white toast, plain (no butter, etc) skinless baked potato, baby rice cereal.

Step Three: To Step Two, add any of the following: Chicken noodle soup (canned, fresh or packets), any canned fruit.

Step Four: To Step Three, add any of the following: Proteins such as fish (any kind, fresh, frozen or canned, eggs or meat (any kind, fresh, frozen or canned).

Step Five: To Step Four, add any of the following: Whole grain products, butter, oil, milk, cheese, other dairy products, raw fruit.

Eat at least 6-8 meals per day, or as much as you can tolerate. After you are eating the food in Step Five with no repercussions, you can gradually return to a normal diet. At this time, add plenty of protein to replenish your bodyfat.

Always seek immediate medical attention if your fever is 104 or 105 degrees. This is a very dangerous situation.

I hope that you don't have to use this information and that you escape the dreaded flu bug. Be sure and get your vaccinations as soon as possible.

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