Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Need A Project? How About Building A Patio?

Wouldn't it be great to build a beautiful little area in your backyard where you can retreat for a little peace and quiet? It's pretty easy with the patio pavers and other blocks that are available at your big home improvement stores.

First you will need to figure out where your patio is going to be, and what shape it will take. For our's, the space was already there and determined by other landscaping. We considered putting a garden there, planting shrubs in the area, or planting grass. We finally decided to put in a little patio, with a large firepit and benches as the focal point.

Measure out the space for the patio, then go to the store and look at their patio stones. Choose the one you want, then calculate how many you will need to fit your space.

Patio bricks range widely in size (the style we chose was 16" x 16" - this size is very large), so you will need to choose your style before you decide how many you will need.

If you have large pavers like our's, it is easier to cut a template that is the same thickness from a piece of wood. It's lighter than the stone when you are placing it to determine if it's level, and moving it to add more sand, etc.

Cut out the area for your patio, and put down a thick layer of sand in the area that you are working. Then start laying the stones. Use a level to ensure that your patio comes out even. If your stones do not have built-in spacers, leave a consistent amount of space between each brick.

After you have laid all of your pavers, you will need to put something in the spaces between them. Some people use sand that you buy at the hardware store that hardens somewhat. We used Concrete Patch, which is similar to concrete, but more like flour consistency - without the stones that you find in concrete. We carefully poured the dry patch into the spaces, then wet it down gently with a hose. It hardened nicely and looks great.

That's all there is to building your patio. Now you have somewhere for your patio furniture, flower pots, firepits or dogs. Invite the neighbors to admire it, and have a great time on your new patio!
Oh, and if you don't have a truck, the super-big do it yourself home improvement stores will be happy to deliver what you need, for a price.

What project have you completed recently? Please feel free to comment and let us know!

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