Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's Time To Stock Up On Flu Oral Rehydration Solution

One of the most dangerous elements of the seasonal flu or Swine flu is dehydration. This is caused by fever, nausea or diarrhea.Oral Rehydration Solution replaces essential fluids and electrolytes that are lost when the patient is ill. Water alone is insufficient to replace these when the patient is suffering from the flu.

You can purchase this in the form of solutions such as Pedialyte, assuming that the pandemic is not so dangerous and widespread that stores are in short supply of this essential liquid.However, there is a cheaper and better way to always have a large stock of O.R.S., and the following are the instructions on how to make as much as you might need...

The best and most simple Oral Rehydration Solution is a mixture of table salt, white granulated sugar and water. I will tell you how to make a supply of the dry ingredients, to be mixed with water when needed.

For a large supply that you can give away to family and friends and still have plenty on hand, you will need about 10 pounds of sugar, a couple of containers of table salt and a box of Bag-ettes. Bag-ettes are little zip-lock baggies that you can purchase at a craft store such as Michaels, or online. They are designed to hold jewelry, and a box of 200 is very inexpensive. Buy the 3" x 5" bag-ettes.

Using a Sharpie-type pen/marker, mark each bag-ette with these words:ORS for Flu. Add to 1 liter of water.

To each bag-ette, add 3 TABLESPOONS of sugar and 1 TEASPOON of salt. Zip it up and that's it.Continue until you have 200 or so baggies of ORS. Store them in a larger zip-lock bag in a cool, dry place like a little-used closet.

When needed, add one baggie to a liter of water and have the patient drink as much as possible. Just sipping it throughout the day is better than not drinking it at all.You can add a little unsweetened Kool-Aid to the liquid if you need to make it more palatable, but it's normally fine the way it is.

The sugar/salt/water O.R.S. was developed by the World Health Organization and has saved countless lives in Third World counties. This keeps a LONG time - you will have a supply of life-saving dehydration-fighting solution for many, many years.

This information was taken from the book How To Wage War Against A Flu Pandemic by Debra West, available at

NOTE: For children, the formula is a little different. Use 4 TABLESPOONS of sugar and 1 TEASPOON of salt, and add to 1 1/2 quart water.

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