Saturday, March 20, 2010

If You Want To Save Money, Time Your Purchases!

When you need to purchase an item, do you go right out and buy it?  If you are willing to wait to make your purchases, you can save some money by spending your money during months when stores generally run good sales on certain items.

During difficult economic times (such as right now) you can get great buys on big-ticket items and luxury purchases.

The time of the year and day of the week can make a big difference on the prices you pay for certain items.

The following is a list of items that generally are priced lower in certain months….

Buy these in January:

Sports equipment, furniture and bicycles.

Buy these in February:

MP3 players, stereo equipment, televisions, cameras.

Buy these in March:

All winter clothing. This is when stores clear their space of winter clothes to make room for spring duds. You may find nice wool suits and other clothing for up to 80% off the regular retail price.

Buy these in April or May:

Pots, pans, any kind of kitchen items.

Buy these in June:

Furniture, MP3 players, stereo equipment, televisions, cameras.

Buy these in July:

Furniture, computers, computer equipment.

Buy these in August:

School supplies and office supplies. Also, my state of Oklahoma has a tax-free back-to- school weekend during this month, when school supplies and most clothing is sale-tax-free. Stores run sales on these items to coincide with the special week-end. If your state has this, be sure and take advantage of it.

Buy these in September:

Cars, summer clothes (as in March, stores are clearing their space for the upcoming season of clothing, and you can get some terrific deals).

Buy these in October:

Pots, pans, any kind of kitchen items, trees and shrubs.

Buy these in November:

Pots, pans, any kind of kitchen items, wedding dresses. Also, take advantage of the great deals on Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Buy these in December:

New cars, champagne.

If you are able to time your purchases, you will save some money and feel better about your purchases.

Happy shopping!!

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