Saturday, July 24, 2010

Has Farmville Has Come Alive With Crop Mobs?

The emergence of Crop Mobs has been attributed by some to the popularity of the Facebook game Farmville, where players maintain virtual farms.  It has introduced many city folks to the wonders of farming without the hassles and sweat.

Crop Mobs are a pretty good idea, dreamed up by someone in North Carolina a couple years ago.  A crop mob is a group of urbanites who gather on a certain day at a local farm to lend a hand.  They plant, weed, harvest, or whatever else the farmer has for them to do.  They do this for fun, and to support their local farming community.  Sometimes they go home with some free fresh veggies, and sometimes, particularly during planting season, they don't.

For the very large farms that employ more mechanized farming methods, a Crop Mob might not be much of a help.  But for a local small truck farm, several hands could be a great assistance to the farmer.

Crop-Mobbers should realize that they are getting one day of an occupation that requires seven days a week during the spring, summer and fall months.  One day of planting does not a farmer make....However, I think that crop-mobbing is a good thing that raises awareness of our local farming community.

Facebook and other sites have contributed to the popularity of these groups by providing an easy way to schedule a date and get everyone together.  The blog has been instrumental in Minnesota in organizing Crop-Mobbing outings, and is full of good information on the subject.

Interested in Crop-Mobbing?  With Facebook and blogging, it's easy to get a movement started in your area!

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