Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are We Done With The Snow????

Hello, hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!  It's looking like we may be finally crawling out of the long, hard winter and racing headlong into Spring.  Sunday, after minus 30 degrees temps only a few days ago, the weather was a little better, 68 degrees.  So I went shopping, played 18 holes of disc golf, picked up some topsoil at the local nursery and even managed to get half of my onions in the ground!

Yes, it's time to start getting our gardens ready and planting early season plants like onions and, in a couple of weeks, potatoes and other goodies.  I'm hoping that we don't see any more snow in Oklahoma, but that's never a sure thing until late March or April.

After a particularly hard winter here, Spring will be especially welcome this year.  It's a good time to start thinking about the jellies and jams you want to can, and the recipes that will showcase your fresh vegetables.  And don't forget to visit your farmers' markets that will be opening up around April!

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