Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Earthquakes, Part 1

Hello....We are having some crazy weather over our country - thank you Global Warming.....Oklahoma has had its share of the craziness over the past couple of years, but the most intriguing has nothing to do with weather, but earthquakes.  We have been experiencing a large number of quakes, especially in the past year.  Normally we aren't known for our numerous quakes, but something is definitely going on now.

I thought it might be a good time to run a series of three posts dealing with earthquakes - the first one, today, deals with what to do before a quake hits, the second - what to do during a quake, and the third - what to do after the quake.

So, here it is, part one:

Be Safe in an Earthquake, Part 1

Before The Quake:

1.  Assemble an emergency preparedness kit for home and your vehicle.
2.  Have a family emergency plan and identify a safe place to take cover, such as under a sturdy table or desk.
3.  Teach your family how to “Drop, Cover and Hold” during an earthquake.
4.  Check for hazards inside or outside your home or office. Heavy objects and falling hazards such as bookcases, hanging picture frames and other items can be dangerous if they are unstable and not anchored securely to a wall or the floor.
5.  Know emergency telephone numbers.
6.  Contact your insurance agent to review existing policies and to inquire about earthquake insurance
7.  Sign up for Earthquake Notifications on the USGS site as well as learn about other products and services they offer.

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