Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is Your Nest Empty?

Lots of people are experiencing Empty Nest Syndrome right now. This is why the last chick flies the coop, heading for college, first apartment, backpacking across Europe, getting married, whatever. Everyone is gone and the house is empty.

While there are a lot of jokes about Mom and Dad being thrilled to finally have Jr. out of the home, the truth is that this is usually not a happy event. In fact, it can lead to serious depression if a parent does not take steps to combat the boredom, loneliness, realization of mortality and downright sadness.

If a mom has made staying home and caring for children her life and career, she may be in a rougher situation than parents who have a 9 to 5 job to worry about and keep their thoughts occupied. Stay at home mothers have to take action immediately. But what action?

First of all, you have to decide what you will be when you grow up. What are your talents? Find them and capitalize on them. Learn a new skill. If you are reading this, you have a familiarity with the Internet, so you have a whole world at your feet.

Can you write? Look at opportunities for writers - there are lots of them. Start a blog - check out some books from your local library and learn how. If I'm doing it, it can't be difficult!

Write a book. Really. Read up on it, take some writing classes at your vo-tech. You have plenty of time, take what you need to get yourself ready.

Do you have artistic abilities. I'm so jealous of these people - I have always dreamed of being able to sit down and paint something beautiful. My artistic talents end at crooked stick figures, but lots of people are born with whatever that thing is (genetic?) that gives them these terrific abilities. If you have it, don't waste it! Again, get yourself to some classes and get going.

Visit the numerous craft fairs that spring up during the holiday season. Take a look at the tables - what interests you? Jewelry making? Wood working? Leather crafts? Jelly making? Dive into it, and be one of those table-holders at next year's craft fairs.

Plan a garden for next spring.

Learn to sew.

There are so many possibilities - and now that the kids are out of house, you have the time and space to explore them. Go for it, and banish those empty nest thoughts!

Did you conquer Empty Nest Syndrome? Please comment and let us know how you did it.