Sunday, August 30, 2009

Top 5 Things To Do In Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is an experience that you shouldn't miss if you have the opportunity to visit. The Big Friendly is a sprawling, smiling city on a river that pretty much guarantees you will leave with a satisfied grin on your face. Here are some places you should definitely visit in OKC.

  1. Bricktown.....There are some places in Bricktown that make this list as well, but Bricktown is so terrific that it deserves a spot all its own. Bricktown in an old area of the city where the buildings were mostly red brick and so old that they were abandoned. Some forward-thinking leaders about 20 years or so ago decided to see if they could transform this abandoned area into a family-friendly place by day, and a trendy hotspot by night. The rest is history. Whether you need a place to take the family this afternoon or are looking for a place to go clubbing tonight, look no further. If you are traveling down I-40 Bricktown is visable from the Interstate. Look for the big Bass Pro Shops or Toby Keith's restaurant and you will know you are passing by Bricktown. Hop off and check it out.
  2. The Oklahoma City Memorial...Cities usually build memorials or statues for monied politicians or city fathers who made great contributions to the town's progress. The Big Friendly builds its monuments and memorials to the everyday joe - people like you and me that get up every day and take off for another day of work. Which brings us to the Oklahoma City Memorial. On a beautiful April morning in 1995, a twisted and warped individual (now dead) made his way to downtown Oklahoma City and set off a bomb in a rented moving truck in front of a busy Federal building, the Murrah Building, which had a day care located on the first floor. He had assistance from another twisted and warped individual who is spending the rest of his miserable life in Federal prison. 168 innocent people were killed and 680 were injured. 324 of Oklahoma City's buildings were destroyed or damaged in a 16 block area. Oklahoma City lost some of its innocence that day. The Oklahoma City Memorial is located on hallowed ground - the actual site of the Murrah Building. Each lost life is represented by an empty chair in the spot where he/she died. The Memorial is one of the best I've seen, it's really indescribable to people who haven't experienced it. Admission is free. Don't miss the Survivor Tree and its story, and be sure and walk down the chain link fence where people from all over the world leave a part of themselves. If you want more, the Memorial Museum is located next to the grounds and is well worth the cost of admission.
  3. The Oklahoma City Thunder professional basketball or The Oklahoma City Redhawks professional baseball.....During basketball season you should definitely check out a game. Located on the edge of Bricktown, the Ford Center is a nice venue for sports and, even if you're not a basketball fan, the Thunder works to make every game a really fun family experience. If you are visiting The Big Friendly during the summer, take in a Redhawks game. The AAA team from the Texas Rangers, the Redhawks are always a competitive team, and they play in the heart of bricktown at a beautiful stadium affectionately known as The Brick. No matter what game you are attending, it's a snap to park at Bricktown, take in the sights, stroll over to the Oklahoma City Memorial, eat at one of the terrific Bricktown restaurants, then walk to the game. Just a terrific day!
  4. Toby Keith"s I Love This Bar & Grill...This is a nice place to eat in Bricktown, and has become a "must destination" for every visitor. Part of the attraction is the atmosphere and the eye-popping decor, but the food is great! There is a good variety on the menu, something for everyone. Portions are huge, so watch out. (If you are a meat-eater, you'll love the ribs.)
  5. The Oklahoma City Zoo....More specifically, The Oklahoma City Zoologicial Park, but we all know it as just "The Zoo". There is a good reason why this is considered one of the top zoos in the United States. They seem to be always adding big, new exhibits such as Oklahoma Trails and The Great EscAPE. Don't miss this.
Since I've limited myself to five, I'm stuck with it, but there are LOTS of terrific places to visit in OKC. Maybe I'll add a few more in a later post. What about you? What do you find interesting in this town? Feel free to post and let us know!

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