Saturday, May 8, 2010

Do You Have An Ugly Object In Your Backyard?

The best way to get rid of a terrible looking eyesore in your backyard is to pick it up and haul it away. However, we can’t always do this, for one reason or another.

To keep this thing, whatever it is, from ruining the looks of your backyard, you will need some inventiveness and ingenuity. Here is one way to hide that ugly beast….

Our backyard eyesore was a big, hollow pipe that sat upright in the very middle of the yard. It was about 6 feet tall, and the metal pipe was very thick and heavy, and cemented into the group several feet deep. It was about as wide as a hand.

Why would we have such a thing in the middle of our back yard, you ask? Well, it didn’t start out as just a big pipe in the yard. It actually held one of those gigantic satellite dishes from years past – the ones that turned on poles to capture satellite signals in the olden days.

We managed to dismantle and cart off the actual dish, and were left with a big, ugly hollow pole in the yard. Twice we convinced people to come over and take their turns at trying to get this thing out of the ground, or at least saw it off, and twice they failed.

When we realized that we were stuck forever with this post, we decided that the only other option was to hide it. But how do you hide a 6 foot tall, BIG metal pole smack in the middle of your backyard?

You make it into a backyard bird’s wonderland, that’s what! Using nothing but boards, nails, a saw and some wood stain, we fashioned a pretty wooden post around the eyesore that complete covered it.

For this post, we used 1x6 cedar boards purchased at the local lumber yard, cut them to the appropriate size, and nailed them into a very long rectangle around the pole, hiding it completely.

From this wooden post, we hung bird houses, feeders, and other bird amenities. We also formed a square flower bed area around it, trying to make it look as if we had planned it that way all along.

Almost everyone that visits the backyard comments on that beautiful post with the birdhouses. If they only knew…..

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