Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Many Wonders Of Yogurt

Do you like yogurt? It’s difficult not to. These days we have yogurt that tastes like banana cream pie, key lime pie, chocolate pie and all kinds of other delicious desserts. That’s good, because yogurt is great for your health!

It’s important that you ensure that the yogurt contains active cultures. Many frozen yogurt products that look and taste like ice cream do not contain these all-important cultures, so are not healthy at all.

Yogurt is cultured milk. Adding live cultures converts the lactose into lactic acid. Because of this, lactose-intolerant people can get their calcium and other nutritional value of milk by simply eating yogurt. Yogurt has one and a half times more calcium than milk and studies have shown that people who eat yogurt at least four times a month have a lower risk of colon cancer.

Here are a few more good things about yogurt….

Yogurt helps your immune system…

Yogurt can help prevent gastroinstestinal infections.

Daily consumption of yogurt reduces the occurrence of yeast infections.

Eating yogurt while taking antibiotics will produce new good bacteria to replace those that are killed by the antibiotics.

If you get a sunburn, slathering yogurt on the burned area for 30 minutes will ease the pain.

So, pick up some yogurt on your next trip to the grocery and make it a part of your daily routine. You’ll be healthier for it!

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